Our Philosophy

“All things begin with wonder.”  — Socrates

We are all naturally curious. We don’t want to know just what happened.  We also want to know how something happened, why it happened, and does it always happen that way.  That curiosity is the greatest asset for learning.

We at Biscayne Math harness that curiosity.  We foster learning by posing questions:  Is that true?  Why is it true?  What will happen if…?  Why did that happen?  What will happen next?   We present problems and challenge the student to make sense of them and explain his/her answers.  The math thinking and doing occurs as the children make and test conjectures and justify their conclusions.  Math, in Lockhart’s phrase, becomes “the art of explanation.”

Do this enough with the guidance of a good tutor and the student will not only develop the particular math skills.  He/she will also build valuable habits and heuristics for approaching any math problem.  He/she will become both an imaginative and disciplined math student.